Design makes it possible for everyone to dream and build.

We are local designers working with underserved communities, contributing resources to a global network.

When people design and build their own environments, they take ownership of the places they create, sustain them long term, keep them safe, invest in them, and color them with their most precious expressions.

We bring together architects, designers, nonprofit organizations, municipalities and local community groups, enabling underserved communities to take ownership of collectively created places.

We address two problems: lack of hands-on community experience for young professionals and limited access to design services for marginalized communities.

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OA-HTX: How a new Pocket Park Came to the Near Northside in Houston

Posted by Katherine Sargent Cairoli, MA, LEED on 9/22/16

The Houston Chapter helps a community driven effort to redevlop a vacant and a memorial park. Read about the process and partnerships that are making it happen.

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