Open Architecture Collaborative

This year we will launch innovative programming to train more architects and designers for the benefit of marginalized communities. By giving whatever you can today you will help bring this vision to reality!

Our Vision

When people design and build their own environments, they take ownership of the places they create, sustain them long term, keep them safe, invest in them, and color them with their most precious expressions. We believe in a world where people use design to dream and build their own shared spaces.

With your support we can inspire, rally, and support more designers to amplify the voices of social justice organizations, visualize neighborhood dreams, help fundraise, and navigate regulations, code and local policies to get projects done with local marginalized groups.

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What Our Partners are Saying


“Our partnership with Open Architecture Chicago is helping to bring voice and shape to our aspirations for a healthy, livable, vibrant community for generations to come.”

Cheryl Johnson, People for Community Recovery - Chicago

“The experience of working with OACpdx allowed our project to exceed expectations and give our community the means to visualize and actualize their own successes. Our mission, and the way we achieve it, are forever elevated by the contribution and the dedication of this amazing resource.”


Dave Lowe, Volunteer Services Manager, Our United Villages - Portland

“OAC has given me opportunities to use - and develop - my skills as a designer in ways that my "job" has not, while keeping me motivated and inspired by connecting me with other passionate, talented individuals.”

Rayya Newman - Director, OAC DC