Open Architecture Collaborative

There are many resources out there that can help community designers accomplish their goal of reaching more marginalized communities. However, we don’t often learn how to take advantage of all that’s available. In this webinar we will discuss open data. Jason Lally will introduce us to municipal open data portals and talk about how they are using it in San Francisco to give context around housing and the built environment. Ashley Z. Hand will share experiences of using open data in her various municipal contexts. With her background as an architect she will discuss how we might use these newly available data sets for our advocacy initiatives and learning the needs of our cities.

Open Data?! What it is and how can designers use it

Originally recorded on 5/24/16


Jason Lally - Open Data Program Manager, City and County of San Francisco

Ashley Z. Hand - Transportation Technology Strategist - LA, Former Chief Innovation Officer - KCMO

Host - Garrett Jacobs, Open Architecture Collaborative