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Commit to People's Needs. End of Year Message - 2016

Posted by Garrett Jacobs on 1/19/17

In this end of year message from our inaugural executive director, Garrett outlines our accomplishments, challenges and how we need to reconfirm a commitment to people's needs.

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Mapping the Public Interest Design Field

Posted by The OAC on 12/22/16

Combining all the existing lists with our own research, we map out all the Public Interest Design Practices and Academic Programs in the US - Help us identify more!

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The Family Playground Invites Participation

Posted by Lucia Castello on 12/21/16

The Family Playground's the name... Hopscotch, tetherball, alphabets, and 4-square are the game: Coaches, grandparents, mothers, basketball players, neighbors, and contractors come together to activate and beautify a former parking lot to create a safe and friendly neighborhood play space.

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2017 Programming - You can help build now!

Posted by Garrett Jacobs on 11/23/16

The fight for social justice needs as much support as possible right now. This is what we’re going to build tomorrow, but only with your help today.

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Posted by T.J. Bogan on 11/29/16

Here's why one of our monthly donors gives. He's a designer like you and me, and he foregoes a few cups of coffee a week to give $20 twelve times a year.

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In defense of inclusion, tolerance, and love

Posted by OAC Global Leadership on 11/14/16

Recently the AIA released a statement in support of the Trump administration, then following an outcry from the profession released an apology. We were called to make a statement for what we believe.

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Open Architecture Takes Root in Austin TX! - Launch Event

Posted by Audrey Vilain on 11/11/16

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Los Angeles Updates!

Posted by on 10/16/16

Open Architecture LA describes their recent launch event, their policy initiatives, and how they operate.

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Reflection on a Privilege and Power Dynamics Workshop

Posted by Garrett Jacobs on 9/28/16

The OAC recently held a workshop for our members to discuss Privilege and Power Dynamics in community design. Read on for a reflection of the event and next steps for the network.

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OA-HTX: How a new Pocket Park Came to the Near Northside in Houston

Posted by Katherine Sargent Cairoli, MA, LEED on 9/22/16

The Houston Chapter helps a community driven effort to redevlop a vacant and a memorial park. Read about the process and partnerships that are making it happen.

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We're now an official 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Non profit!

Posted by Garrett Jacobs on 8/11/16

Last week the IRS approved the Open Architecture Collaborative for official 501(c)3 tax exempt status. Read on to find out why that's a big deal to us.

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Managing Client Expectations - Have the Right Agreements!

Posted by Bryn Wears on 8/3/16

A former OAChicago director describes some best practices to setting expectations with community partners.

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Open Architecture DC Confronts Climate Change - Competition!

Posted by Lindsay Brugger on 7/22/16

OADC's Resilience by Design Committee has launched the National Treasures Design Competition (NTDC) to promote urban resilience in the National Capital Region

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Response to the Lawsuit Against Architecture for Humanity Founders and Board members

Posted by Garrett Jacobs on 7/20/16

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Open Architecture San Francisco challenges our understanding of Privately Owned Public Open Spaces

Posted by Karl Johnson on 7/15/16

The rundown of how Open Architecture SF partnered with computer programmers and renown architects to hack underused "open spaces" of downtown San Francisco.

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Announcing a new partnership with the AIA Housing Knowledge Community

Posted by Garrett Jacobs on 7/6/16

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the American Institute of Architect's Knowledge Community for Housing and Community Development.

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OAC pdx Launch Event: Lessons Learned

Posted by Julia Drachman on 6/29/16

Celebrating past projects, discussing on-going endeavors, and investing in the future through community engagement

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Tackling Built Environment Challenges With Participatory Design #iOpenArchitecture

Posted by Maryam Eskandari on 6/23/16

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Insights After Three Months Public

Posted by Garrett Jacobs on 6/15/2016

There are four high level insights that will help drive the development of our strategy.

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OAC Egypt, Forgotten Spaces Project Update

Posted by Hebatuallah Hendawy on 6/1/2016

Forgotten Spaces is a participatory design and construction project aiming to seek out redundant and neglected spaces across the self-built community of Istabl Antar in Cairo

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Quick Win Partnerships

Posted by Tom Veed on 5/23/2016

How a quick community build day can lead to so much more.

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Lessons, mistakes, and insights from the Tohoku Planning Forum in Japan

Posted by Tram Davies on 5/10/2016

This is a recap of a recent discussion we had with Tokyo Chapter Leader Christian Dimmer about the Tohoku Planning Forum put together after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

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Webinar Recap - Lessons on defining your focus as a proactive designer

Posted by Jennifer Dunn on 4/26/2016

A recap of the webinar featuring Theresa Hwang, Executive Director of the Department of Places in LA and Jon Tate, founder and principal of OJT about how to be more proactive as a designer.

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Welcome to the Open Architecture Collaborative, come, learn how we keep ourselves open

Posted by Shalini Agrawal on 3/10/2016

My sole responsibility in a design workshop is to include all voices, and listen. I’m not design thinking, but instead, “design listening”...

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