Dallas, Texas

Collaborating across the Metroplex to discover and build value together through design.

A number of us independently asked Cameron Sinclair (or, in one instance, Bryan Bell) how to start doing good with architecture. And we all got the same response: Just do it. And so we did - Ryan Behring founded our chapter. Nick Dean made huge contributions in outreach and project development. And today, we’re looking for new leadership.

The way this organization works is they have a participatory design process; they go in and the first questions are, “What would you like out of this building, what is a comfortable place for you, what is an inspiring place to you?”

— Ryan Behring

  • 2009

    Date Founded

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To raise consciousness, start a dialog, attract new members, and raise money all at once, the chapter has frequently hosted movie nights at historic local theaters, like the Texas Theater (coincidentally where Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended). The latest movie shown was “If You Build It” highlighting the work of Studio H, led by Emily Pilloton, which attracted 125 people. Several of these people have become active contributors to the chapter.

I’ve been trying to connect with you for a while, it was great to see so many people out for this event!

— prospective new member

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  • $450

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Following the showing of “If You Build It” our chapter became convinced that long term relationships were essential to meaningful public impact design. Cigarette Hill reached out to the Housing Department, which reached out to AFH HQ, which reached out to us. We fell in love with the rural feel of this community, and their stalwart leadership that was combatting illegal dumping. After months of community cleanups, one of our members worked to get sign toppers installed and we designed an entry sign that would showcase community color.

They said, ‘Wow.’ They couldn’t believe that there was an oasis right in the middle of South Dallas.

— Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins

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As designers in a sprawling city with extreme wealth and extreme poverty, we take all the opportunities we can find to bring a design perspective to the community. Whether assisting in facilitating community charrettes, hobnobbing at conferences that come to town, rooting local high school football teams, attending public lectures, or cooperating with bcWORKSHOP and other partners, we are actively engaged in our neighborhoods and design community. We are also frequent participants in Parking Day Dallas and Canstruction.

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