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OAC Auckland is a continuation of the work of Architecture for Humanity Auckland. Made up of a dedicated network of multidisciplinary creative professionals, we help local communities around our region.

We have been in operation since July 2007 and worked with a range of groups. Founded by two sisters, Dr Alexandra Lee and Jennis Lee, OAC Auckland is active in our community across three platforms: education, instigation, and advocacy.

We always use a participatory approach with plenty of innovative community consultation methods to get people thinking about the spaces around them and drawing out their collective vision.
We always appreciate an extra hand both from architectural professionals and non-architectural people with other skills to offer. Please feel free to contact us on to join our mailing list for all our updates, events and opportunities listings.

"Making changes we want to see in the world, everyday."

  • 2007


The Reclaimed Christmas Forest was a public installation in Auckland's Aotea Square to raise awareness of recycling and sustainability. A multidisciplinary team of volunteers all chipped in to make it possible. The tree flaunts a steel structure with a crank which raises the central pole.

"After a grueling day in the sun attaching the recyclable bottles to the tree, it was amazing to see it glow at night and opened by the Deputy Mayor. The public who saw it loved it!"

— Volunteer

  • 2013

    Installation around Christmas

  • 500+

    Volunteer hours

  • Countless

    Public viewers and exposure about a good cause

Objective: A safe place to work and heal. HELP Auckland has been serving Auckland for over 30 years, supporting and empowering people to heal from the effects of sexual abuse and sexual assault. Prevention is a vital part of their work, helping to bring about a society where relationships are based on co-operation and respect as opposed to competition and power. They also run a 24/7 helpline service, a crisis team, work in secondary schools, run “We Can Keep Safe” a prevention programme in preschools and through their range of therapy services, HELP has provided help to over 13,000 women and children. OAC Auckland is helping Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP to improve the spaces in which it operates. They are at a bursting point in terms of space and with the continued development of the agency they need a space that can accommodate the work they do now and in the future. Together with HELP, the project team at AfH-AKL will explore ways that we can utilise the space available more effectively. Sensitive issues around storage, acoustic and visual privacy, waiting/administration areas are a part of our brief which is tailored to the specific needs of the Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation. We are trying to achieve this with a modest budget from grant funding. OAC Auckland freely gives its time and expertise but we will need the wider community to help out too! Please contact if you would like to support our cause or know of someone who might be interested in helping. For example, this may take the form of donated materials, services or sponsorship. All in all, OAC Auckland is very excited to work with a community organisation that has done so much for Auckland and will carry on doing so. Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP website:

  • 4

    years and still going!

Helping the Rotoiti Marae community envision a new wharekai by making it tangible with a site model.

Photo by Bobby Shen