Atlanta, Georgia

Open Architecture Atlanta seeks to advance community participation in the design & development of the spaces we live, work & play. Ready to learn more and get involved? Send us a message via Facebook or Twitter.

Founded in 2007, Open Architecture Atlanta leads an interdisciplinary group of professionals to engage our community in design activities and outreach initiatives that support equitable representation in local development. We believe in social justice by design.

Seeing the positive change take place in the community through our volunteer effort is extremely rewarding. We are able to embrace community activism and promote positive social change with volunteer projects for the local & global community.

— Andrew Telker, founding member

  • 2008

    Date Founded

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Atlanta's Chapter first project was a partnership with the “Hope Floats Initiative” and its founder, Akin Afolayan. The project is an extension of Akin’s 2008 Holcim 1st Prize Award in the category “Next Generation”, Africa Middle East. The Chapter supported Hope Floats by directing funds raised from its chapter launch party to the project. In addition, a prototype was designed and built by members of the Atlanta Chapter and a group of local volunteer architects.

This is an opportunity to deliver much needed health care exactly where it is most needed. The ability to target areas with little or no public health facilities through the use of inexpensive mobile amphibious clinics allows direct access to care by a large number of people who otherwise would receive no treatment.

— Quote from our community partner Hope Builds

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  • 2009

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  • 1

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The Oasis project is OACA’s proposed solution to a recognized shortage of proper public transportation amenities. This project is exciting because it was developed from our initial open forum meeting. For this project, OACA has hosted an open call design competition to gather local architects, artists, designers, builders and volunteers to create bus shelter designs. Entries were received from Atlanta, Washington D.C. and California!

It was the middle of August and it had just rained and people were sitting on the wet grass with groceries and nowhere to go.

— Rick Glassman

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  • $3000

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The Greater Vine City Opportunities Program had a goal to re-open the long closed English Avenue Elementary School and convert it into a state of the arts, green technology, global community center which merits the trust and confidence of the surrounding neighborhoods and larger Atlanta area. Once a community anchor, the school was vacated in the mid 1990’s. The renovated school was part of the English Avenue Campus master plan, and intended to serve as the anchor for the revitalization of the entire neighborhood.

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